Leadership and Teamwork are undeniably the two most important principles in successful and productive companies. Efficient teamwork and effective leadership are the deciphering principles between good companies and great ones. 

Do you have an energetic group that is ready to bounce through white water, climb up a rock face, cross a small river, or hike in the wilderness. 


Do you have a group that is ready for an adventure? For building teamwork? Something out of the ordinary ? Would they like to acquire new outdoor skills? Are they ready for an awesome time together in the great outdoors?

Mahima resort is a Perfect location for Corporates' Team Building & Motivating Out bound Exercises. Its time you take your team away from the confrence table and out into the fresh air to build teamwork, blow off steam, get to know each other in a new light and further develop the communication and leadership skills critical to a productive work force.

You won�t find a more impressive and calm spot than the SNR. You'll be in the middle of the wilderness, hundreds of miles from the big city. Talk about no distractions - other than the amazing scenery, of course! Its an ideal site which offer wide-range of options for Out bound activities like Trekking/Hiking, River Crossing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling & Water rafting, Nature Walks. 

Allow your team to cut loose, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun together

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